In the nightmare zone, players can play a mini-game located near Yanille. The mini-game lets players combat quest-bosses while in a dream-state. A lot of players from OSRs visit the nightmare zone to practice their range and melee. This zone has become very loved for its AFK gameplay without the risk of dying because the nightmare zone is a completely safe mini-game.

This is hands down the best place to practice AFK in old school Runescape. It’s actually so simple to master fighting here that many players truly despise it. In the zone of nightmares, any player will be able to gain 99 attack strength, strength and defence when watching Netflix, skilling on another account, or even working. Are you already excited? Let’s get going with this complete OSRS Nightmare Zone Guide.

In addition to the fact that you are able to safely AFK train at the nightmare zone, players also visit for benefits. The nightmare zone is the sole area where you can use items such as slayer helmet or salve amulets as well as rings such as: ring of suffering, berserker’s ring or a warrior ring. You can also earn money in the nightmare zone by using your points to buy 15 herb boxes every daily for a profit of 150k per day or 4.5M each month.

How To Go To In The Nightmare Zone In OSRS

The nightmare zone is located in Yanille The simplest way to access it is using the mini-game Teleport menu. This menu is available to all player. The mini-game teleport menu can be accessible in the quest menu, under the red gem icon.

Nightmare Zone Requirements

To access the nightmare zone, you must complete a minimum of 5 quests from the list below. These quests have bosses to be defeated in order to defeat within the state of dream. There are no rules for the stats required for the nightmare zone, however for best results, you must have at least 70 combat.

The nightmare zone is not a mini-game that is free. In order to play one of the game modes you have to pay for each game. To accomplish this, you need to first deposit cash into your coin purse (preferably at least 100K). To start the nightmare zone you should speak of dominic onion (make that you’ve coins stored inside the pouch) and choose the game mode you prefer. Then drink from the vial to start your nightmare.

Your First Game at The Nightmare Zone

Absorption and various other potions can only be purchased with reward points earned in the zone of nightmares. Therefore, you must first play two (or one great) game in order to rack up the points so you can afford the potions. The best method to rack up the most points is by going into the nightmare zone with prayer potions and surviving until you have at least 100,0000 points. If you fail to achieve it in the first game, you can try again. Once you’ve earned 100K + points in the reward zone for your nightmare, you can begin buying absorption potions to help you train in the nightmare zone.

AFK Methods

Absorptions and Overloads (5 mins)

The 5 minute AFK method is with Overloads and Absorptions, requiring you to return to your computer to drink your Overload before going back down to 1 Hitpoint. Since you’re healed to 50 Hitpoints when your Overload expires and you are harmed a lot by the monsters in the area since their max hit is now 1 or low.

Absorptions & Super Combat Potions (20 minutes)

You’ll have a longer time to AFK when you drink Super combat potions rather than Overloads since you don’t get the 50 Hitpoint boost following 5 minutes. In time you’ll be able to gain the hit points back, but you’ll be able to continue AFK for about 10 minutes before you need to reduce your health and drink Super combat potion.

Prayer & Equipment for Prayer (10 minutes)

If you are a fan of Prayer it is recommended that you purchase the top Prayer bonus equipment, Overload potions, and an entire inventory of Prayer potions. With a really good prayer bonus you can stay for as long as 15 minutes with Protection prayer on. The difference to this is that you are able to select Bosses with one combat style. As I mentioned before that you should choose only bosses who make use of Melee.

Guthans on Easy Rumble (20 mins)

You are able to AFK for as long as 20 minutes before you stop attacking with Guthans. There are no remedies for this, as the main idea is your Guthans will out-heal the harm you suffer. You should do this with Rumble Easy. When you Rumble Hard, even with 99 Defense, you’ll lose to the bosses most of the time.

If you are choosing to go through Guthans then you’re much better off attending Bandit camp with the Saradomin or Zamorak product for a lower cost and more AFK training.


The rewards in the Nightmare zone can be found in a chest close to Dominic Onion, and the rewards are divided by three types: Resources, Upgrades, and Benefits. These rewards can be bought with Reward points that are earned in the minigame. Up to 2,147,483,647 points can be stored in the chest at one time.