Runescape Skotizo is a demon boss who is solo which you can fight beneath the catacombs in Kourend. In order to access Skotizo one must give up the entire Dark Totem, which you can assemble from three different totem pieces left by all creatures that pass through the Catacombs. It may take time to obtain the three pieces, so it’s difficult to ‘farm Skotizo the same manner as some other solo bosses like Zulrah or Vorkath but he does however, drop some good drops and he’s the only boss with an 100% rate of drop for Clue Scrolls.

The general strategy at Skotizo is to just gear for maximum DPS while achieving a balance of melee and magic defense. Skotizo generally uses melee attacks while you are close to melee, but may occasionally resort to magic attacks. To avoid this, it is recommended to pray for melee when you’re within melee distance.

Skotizo is able to activate periodically the Awakened Altars that are located in the North, South east and west of the room. For each Altar that is active Skotizo will be able to increase its defence. Maxed players might be able to leave the 4 Awakened Altars in active use and be able to penetrate Skotizo’s defence . However, when you do not possess 90+ stats, it is recommended to not allow more than 2 Altars being active at one time.

When you’re running around your room in search of the altar, you must change your prayer to shield from magic so that you do not take any damage from Skotizo’s spells.

Like all demons, Skotizo is susceptible to the power in demonbane-based weapons. If you are currently on a black or greater demon task, Skotizo is susceptible to the Black Mask/Slayer Helmet advantages.

The most effective way to fight Skotizo is to utilize Arclight and wear armour with the highest Magic Defence (e.g. black dragonhide armor) while having Protect from Melee in effect, which means that the only attack is from Skotizo’s Magic attacks. If the player is able to afford one the one with a Twisted Bow is the most efficient weapon available to Skotizo. it can be utilized at range while praying Protect from Magic so that you take no injury. A Dragon warhammer is also helpful during battle due to its distinctive effect, but those who do not have one can use your Arclight special attack for similar results.

At any point during the battle Skotizo can randomly activate the Awakened Altars located in the north east, south, and west central regions in the area. These Altars, which have 100 Hitpoints in each, enhance its Defence and apply a damage reduction effect while they are activated. It is best to remove them whenever they are in the presence of two or more as they will drastically increase the defense of your unit and decrease the damage by as much as 60% with Arclight and up to 100% using other weapons (15% and 25 percent for each tower, respectively). When travelling to disable the Awakened Altars, the player should temporarily switch to Protect from Magic as Skotizo is not able for melee attacks. Arclight can instantly disable them in one hit no matter what the stats of the user or equipment. This effect does not apply to demonbane spells in the Arceuus spellbook. Stamina potions are advised since you’ll need to move around to disarm the Altars. Also, having an Arclight installed or within an inventory of the player will cause more altars to spawn. This is why players who want to cut down on stamina potions or those who want to play more slowly might not prefer using the Arclight. Toxic blowpipe is a great weapon to fight altars in the event that a player is not equipped with Arclight.

After Skotizo’s health is exhausted, it summons three reanimated demon spawns to help it. Skotizo could also summon a Dark Ankou in order to aid it in uncertain circumstances. If the player uses Protect from Melee the minions will present no threat. If the minions die, Skotizo may summon them again. Therefore, fighting the minions provides no benefit as such, and so the player should focus in Skotizo as well as the Altars.

Skotizo Drops OSRS

The second question that needs to be answered about Skotizo the boss in OSRS is more than likely what you might get for defeating the boss. The most common drop price for winning Skotizo is about 167K Gp. The drop will consist of Ashes as well as a Clue Scroll (hard) as well as a guaranteed drop of at the very least one old shard. There is a small possibility that you will roll Skotizo’s sub-table, which includes cut Dragonstone or cut Onyx.

There’s also the chance of acquiring rune armour, as well as runes such as Death, Soul and Blood runes if you are lucky. For resources, you can find the things like Adamantite ore, grimy Torstol and Snapdragon or Runite and raw anglerfish. So needless to say, there are plenty of lucrative drops for you to gain. You’ll find that Brimstone Keys are available for beating this particular boss, but it’s worth noting that they’re only available if you kill Skotizo whilst on Konar Maten’s Slayer mission.

One of the most rare releases is one of the most rare drops is Jar of Darkness. It can be clicked for your screen to turn briefly black, and the chatbox says that you can see the darkness. You can utilize it in the player’s Achievement Gallery or a boss’s lair display to make one of Skotizo. It is worth mentioning it is that the chance of dropping for this is very low.