Nothing Says I Love You Better Than Matching Pendants

There is no better way to express your love than by the permanent symbol of love. Now you can both wear matching sets of couples’ jewelry. Share with us your ideas for matching jewelry such as couples cross necklaces, matching bracelets locks and key charms, and many more.

“Two halves of a total” pendants:

These pendants are typically used as a necklace chains. You can find these pendants in many different styles and shapes. These pendants are typically puzzle-piece designed, which means that you can weave symbols together to create a particular shape. It is important to select one you and your partner like and are proud to wear in order to show your love for one another.

Matching Couple Jewelry Sets:

Couples matching bracelets are ideal for people who want to keep their relationship private and down low. You can also purchase matching bracelets as a way to mark a significant event in your relationship, such as the birth or holiday of your children.

You can pick from a range of materials to match your style even if you’d like the same bracelet.

Key and lock charms

Key and lock charms were initially used as a symbol of friendship. Today, lock and key chains can be worn to show your affection for a spouse or soon-to-be spouse. The main idea is that the key opens the lock to your heart and soul. You’d think it’s romantic, wouldn’t you? There is only one key to unlock your door and your spouse ‘holds the key to your heart.’

Personalized engravings:

This is one of my top choices for him and her jewelry. You both choose the piece of jewelry you want to wear such as a ring, bracelet or watch, and on the inside you engrave a little message to your beloved. The reason why I love this idea so much is that there might be thousands of rings out there that look just like your ring, but you are always going to have your own message of love within your ring. It is a symbol of eternal love.

Memory Lockets

Memory lockets are among the oldest methods in the book of couple’s jewelry. We’ve all gotten used to placing pictures in the locket but you can also give it a modern spin by adding the dried or grainy flowers from the wedding boutique or your honeymoon.

Exchanged necklaces:

This type of exchange takes place when you start to wear an item of jewelry, such as a necklace, or another piece of jewelry your loved one used to wear before you exchanged. The idea is to always carry a piece of jewelry from your loved one.

No matter what kind of jewelry for a couple you choose to wear, show your piece with pride and always remember that these symbols for love will always unite you in a new way.

The Cost of a Vahan Bracelet

Vahan bracelets are priced differently. The smaller pieces, which are perfect for starter pieces, start at around 600 dollars. However, most of my purchases fall within the $1300-$3,000 range. I did once spend a bit on a stunning diamond piece that cost me about $5,000. She usually wears this piece on special occasions. She always gets oohs and ahhs over it.

Vahan Bracelets: Understanding their appeal

Vahan bracelets, designed by the designer Sacha Calousdian who is a third-generation jeweler with a classical training in Paris are distinguished by their unique combination of sterling silver and 14K gold, often embellished with diamonds or other precious stones. Each year, new designs are added to the hundreds of bracelets.

Calousdian opened his first workshop in 1968, at the age of 19 years old. His bracelets have become iconic and renowned for their strength. They are easy to open and close while maintaining their shape for decades. The most distinctive feature is the Moire Beading on the sterling silver, which resembles textured fabric which gives it a distinctive French appearance. The bracelets are typically made with 14K ends, and come in various designs and shapes. They range from open to closed bangles in widths that range from 3mm- 22mm.