The most important first step in the treatment of Substance Abuse is to acknowledge the issue. Once the denial is over and acceptance of a problem arises, with a desire to work towards the solution, the rest of the steps are relatively easy to follow, provided you get the right support.

Various factors like the type of substance you’re abusing, level of care needed, and affordability of treatment options contribute towards the decision of what type of treatment needs to be undertaken. As this is a behavioural disorder, the treatments that are required or that are effective, hugely vary from person to person.

However, some of the more successful treatments for substance abuse are :

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, also known as CBT, can be applied to a wide variety of substance abuses. Be it food, alcohol or drug abuse, CBT helps recognize your behaviour patterns and triggers, so as to help you to avoid the same in future. Moreover, for better results, CBT can be combined with other therapeutic techniques as well.


Used in combination with other therapies, detoxification helps the body get rid of the abusive substances. As the process of detoxification is quite painful and in some cases even deadly, it should always be done under proper medical supervision.

Online Therapy for Substance Abuse

Once the in – patient treatment is over, it is important to keep the progress going. Online individual therapy and Soberlink provided by Wisemind comes to the rescue at this time. With various techniques and modalities offered, Wisemind helps you stay on the wagon of your precious sobriety.

12 – Step Program

The 12 – step facilitation therapy can be used against alcohol and substance abuse. Widely known programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, help in recovery through recognition of the negative effects of substance abuse, acceptance of one’s own abuse problems, and surrendering to a higher power for guidance. This group therapy helps people recover through mutual support for each other.


Medicines like lofexidine and acamprosate help through reduction of cravings, improvement of mood, decrease in addictive behaviour, and also through reduction in withdrawal symptoms.

With all the help and support available out there these days, neither you nor your family members need suffer any longer. You could always get full support through your early sobriety; all you need to do is ask for it!

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